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 A native of East Point, GA., Kareem Chapman, aka Plug Chapman is a natural born comedian, writer, and actor, with a knack for revealing “the funny” like a flashlight in the dark. In addition to opening up for headliners like Jon Lovitz, Jodi Miller and Chris D’elia, he is a hit with audiences from east to west coasts, performing in venues such as The Comedy Store, The Laugh Factory and John Lovitz Comedy Club just to name a few. Plug is also a touring comic, who hosts various shows each month in several states for other local and touring comedians.

The name Plug comes from his resourcefulness and ability to “plug” or connect anyone with anything. His motto, “If I can’t get you what you need in 3 phone calls or less, then it doesn’t exist”.

  At Riverwood High School, Plug was a successful
 multi-talented athlete in track, baseball, basketball and
 cross-country. He wished for a career in professional
 basketball but never grew taller than 5’9”. Instead, he
 earned a track scholarship to Fort Valley State College
 where he majored in Criminal Justice with hopes of becoming
 a homicide detective. His first time on stage took place at
 Fort Valley when he hosted a popular dormitory talent show.
 He had an epiphany and realized that he had the gift—he
 could make people laugh..

 After graduating college, Plug decided on a career in music.
 Around this time, he anticipated the birth of his daughter
 and took a job working as an overnight cashier to make ends
 meet. He kept his customers entertained telling joke after
 joke. One night popular Atlanta comedian, Dirty South, came
 into the store. After watching him interact with several
 customers, she invited him to perform so he could showcase
 his comedic talent. But a severe case of stage fright
 prevented him from doing the show.

 Unable to land an entertainment job and support himself and
 his child, Plug had to turn to family for help. He found
 employment with his uncle Tip, aka T.I., as a personal
 assistant. This position allowed him to work closely in the
 music industry, travel the world and take the time for
 personal reflection. He provided for his daughter and
 developed into a well-rounded, focused individual. Plug’s
 stint with T.I. affirmed his interests in the music
 industry, and prompted a move to L.A. in January 2010. After
 many failed attempts to enter this field, he dropped music
 in L.A. and went back to his innate gift of comedy. One
 afternoon in June of 2010 he went to an open mic night at
the Ha Ha Café in North Hollywood. He managed his first
 night jitters, went on stage and put on a great show.
 Everyone needs a launch pad, and this was his.

 Missing his daughter and his family, Plug decided to move
 back to Atlanta in November 2012 to pursue comedy further.
Now he is a familiar face on the comedy scene, performing
 all over Atlanta as well as cities like Birmingham, Mobile,
 Chicago and Richmond VA.

 Known to everyone as an open book, Plug’s subject matter
typically involves poking fun at unbelievable circumstances,
 current events and even relationships. With his quick wits
 and transparency, Plug says what everyone is thinking, but
 makes us not feel bad about it


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